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Author Topic: Group Rules  (Read 83 times)


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Group Rules
« on: June 06, 2018, 12:48:56 PM »
MEMES/QUOTES/GAMES/CLICK-BAIT/IMAGES ought to be accompanied by some personal context/ discussion of what the image/game means  to you. Otherwise it might be deleted.
The following things are NOT ALLOWED:
PERSONAL ATTACKS (bullying, repeated insults concerning the person's  inner or outer qualities or name calling that refers to gender or gender identity,  sexuality, ethnicity, disabilities/psychological or physical diagnoses or religion/belief) and
HATE-SPEECH directed TOWARDS GROUPS of people (such as racism,  sexism, homo- and transphobia, objectification and hatred towards others' religion/belief  or disabilities/diagnoses/neurological or psychological types) is strictly forbidden. So is..
SPAM, TROLLING, ADVERTISING and any form of RELIGIOUS or POLITICAL PROPAGANDA. Religious  and political content is allowed to some extent (and will be dealt with  from case to case), but not when it borders to propaganda or is  directly anti another political ideology or religion. For how to write political and religious post see two following points below.
- POLITICAL POSTS SHOULD INCLUDE HEADER: "Warning: Political Post" or they may be deleted.
- RELIGION-POSTS MUST BE RESPECTFUL OF DIFFERENCES and relate to your own experience or towards finding other people of your religion or lack of religion in the group. No religious (or anti-religious) propaganda, religious memes and proselytizing, holy book quote pieces or boasting of one religion as better than others, or lack of religion better than others, is allowed. We respect all religions and any brand of lack thereof, period. It's OK to state your opinion and share your personal spirituality, but don't slam other people just because they see things differently, or try to convert others/"mission to them" etc. If your post seems relevant to the group in some way but contains quoted holy book content, please tag "WARNING: religious content" along with your personal discussion in the post header.
DISCRIMINATION against autism, neurological and psychological types/conditions (bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc) is not allowed. No condemnation of any disorder (including Cluster B disorders such as NPD, BPD, etc) is allowed. Misinformation spreading and "hyping" of terms will not be tolerated. Articles spreading misinformation will be removed.
REPOSTING OTHERS' PERSONAL POSTS, PICTURES, OR COMMENTS IN OTHER GROUPS. This group is a  private and closed group for a reason - so that people will feel safe to  come here for counseling. You may repost memes and links in other groups if you remove references to this group and members in it. The same rules apply to reposts in this group of things like private messages, personal posts, etc. (e.g. not memes). Reposting personal content from this group in other groups, particularly without removing personally identifying information, is grounds for removal from this group.
GOSSIPING/SPREADING RUMORS/SLANDERING ABOUT THIS GROUPS' MEMBERS IN OTHER GROUPS. Gossiping about the group, especially specific group members, in other groups is not permitted. Group members who are found to be gossiping/slandering about Counselor-members in other groups will be banned. If you have an issue with the group, raise it with an admin in a mature fashion and you will be taken seriously, even if we disagree.
HARASSING OR STALKING members is not allowed, for obvious reasons. Repeated harassment in private messages can lead to being banned.
ADVICE OR POSTS ON HOW TO MANIPULATE/HURT/ABUSE OTHER PEOPLE, i.e. "make them" do something you want them to do. You can ask for advice on how to help them see your point of view or how to interact with them more productively for both people. Persuasion is a skill, and it's fine to talk about how to persuade someone to see things more your way, but manipulation is dishonest and abusive. Don't do that in here.
BLOCKING ADMINS. We need to be able to do our job. If you block an admin you may be removed without warning. Please check the members list for current admins list.
ADVERTISING, ADS, AND SPAM IN THE GROUP OR VIA PM TO MEMBERS. When in doubt -- If you have a business site / book you have written / ebook / for profit site or anything else that involves money and stuff for sale, PLEASE contact an admin before posting anything like an advertisement, even if it is INFJ relevant. If an admin OK's your post, be sure to tag the admin. Most of the time as long as your post is within rules and emphasis is personal and relevant to INFJ's, we will approve a post, but if money/business is involved again always ask. Don’t post it like an ad, i.e. including price, “buy it here” etc.
QUESTIONING MEMBERS' SELF-ASSERTED TYPES. If you wonder what someone's type is, please ask! Do not assume. You generally cannot know a person's type based on very little interaction with an individual in a group setting.
DISABLING COMMENTS ON YOUR POSTS. This is a new feature by Facebook. Because we are discussion-oriented, disabling comments on your post at any time is inappropriate. If you feel a discussion is running out of control, contact an admin, and we may close comments and/or issue warnings but posts where members disable commenting will be deleted and the member in question may be removed if it is deemed appropriate for the situation. Admins may disable comments on our posts in some cases when the posts are of more “informative” nature, about the group rules.
POSTS ASKING WHY YOUR POST WAS DELETED or “THANKS FOR ADDING ME”-POSTS: PM an admin if, after reading this document, it isn't clear why your post was deleted. Thanks for adding posts may be deleted when to frequent, due to them making it hard to follow the feed for other members.
REGULAR LAWS OF COPYRIGHT APPLY; you may  not steal any  artistic material from members and spread it or sell it  somewhere else.  This is a legal issue, not just group preference; it is  NOT legal to just "credit" the artist without permission.  You need  permission.
ASTROLOGY/BODY FEATURE POSTS. There is no connection between astrology and MBTI or physical appearances and MBTI. It has been confirmed over and over in the group. Please refrain from posting about this. If you do, your post may be deleted.
ASKING FOR PEOPLE’S ASTROLOGICAL SIGNS OR WHERE THEY LIVE may be deleted due to those being too frequently asked questions.
SELFIE-THREADS (asking for others’ selfies) may also be deleted if too frequently posted. If you create a thread only for your own selfie with no MBTI-related context it will definitely be removed.
You can always PM an admin if you have any questions. Take care!
If you are unsure about your type, you can take the following tests:
*Any of the Jungian tests on http://www.similarminds.com
* We also strongly suggest you take the functions' test. http://cognitivequiz.com/quiz.html
While we try to give posters the benefit of the doubt, our goal here is to have a supportive, discussion-oriented group that provides a safe space to members to discuss everything from current events to deep personal issues. We will not tolerate bullying toward members or admins. Respectful disagreement and debate are welcome. If you see an issue, report it to an admin via private message.
SPAM and TROLL accounts will be banned immediately without warning.